If customers have any questions, please feel free to email us. sales@ccoutlethk.com


 Q: Are all of your products genuine and not expired?

A: CC Outlet HK only sells 100% genuine products.

 Our commodities are purchased from all over the world. It is possible that a small part of the commodities sold online are different from your local sales source, but the commodities are 100% genuine; the other packaging may be based on the reasons for matching the individual style of a product. For example, if you buy in the United States, the packaging may be different from the same product you bought in France or Japan, but they are all genuine.

Q: Will you provide samples?

 A: If there is sufficient stock of trial equipment, we will arrange it together with the order, but we will replace it to ensure that each order can get a trial equipment.

 Q: My skin belongs to a certain type, a certain category, or has a certain problem. Which type of product will suit me?

 A: We are committed to collecting brands and products from various countries, and bringing discounts and benefits such as long-term customer plans to our customers. It is not our expertise to provide skin, makeup experts and related technology consulting services. Therefore, instead of giving you an ambiguous answer, we sincerely recommend that you seek reliable professional recommendations from individual brands' online consultations, beauty consultants, or counter beauticians.

 Privacy and security

 Q: Is my personal data safe?

 A: Keep it safe! All the information provided by customers during shopping is for payment/delivery needs, and to ensure that customers receive monthly promotional offers, special sales, etc. All relevant information of customers is kept confidential. We will never sell, rent or transfer customer personal data to third parties.