Tatcha - Special Edition Luxury Kiri Set

HK$1,980.00 HK$3,690.00


Brand: Tatcha

✔ The Camellia Cleansing Oil (150ml x 1)
✔ The Rice Polish: Classic (60g x 1)
✔ The Essence (150ml x 1)
✔ The Dewy Skin Cream (50ml x 1)
✔ The Silk Peony (15ml x 1)
✔ The Kissu Lip Mask (9g x 1)
✔ The Liquid Silk Canvas (30g x 1)

Origin: Japan

Skin Type: All Skintypes

Skin Concerns: Ageing, Dullness

Product Description:
Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing. Dermatologist tested. Cruelty-free.
Formulated without: Mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, urea, DEA, TEA or phthalates.

Starring natural Japanese botanicals, each step in this Special Edition Luxury Kiri set from Tatcha provides care for your skin with timeless ingredients. Included is a custom Furoshiki, an integral part of gift giving in Japan for centuries. Reusable and multipurpose, this keepsake cloth wrap can be used for years to come. Elevate your daily skincare ritual with seven luxurious favorites that nourish all skin types, housed in a special-edition kiri box.

Suitable for skin type
All skin types

Anti-aging + Improve Dullness

How long cosmetics are fresh?

A shelf life of cosmetics depends on a period after opening and production date.

Period after opening (PAO). Some cosmetics should be used within a specified period of time after opening due to oxidation and microbiological factors. Their packaging has a drawing of an open jar, inside it, there is a number representing the number of months. In this example, it is 6 months of use after opening.

Production date. Unused cosmetics also lose their freshness and become dry. According to EU law, the manufacturer has to put the expiration date only on cosmetics whose shelf life is less than 30 months. The most common periods of suitability for use from the date of manufacture:

Perfumes with alcohol - about 5 years
Skin care cosmetics - minimum 3 years
Makeup cosmetics - from 3 years (mascara) to more than 5 years (powders)

The shelf life may vary depending on the manufacturer.

CheckFresh.com reads the date of production from the batch code.