MKUP Sebum Pores Minimizing Pad (30pcs)



Brand: MKUP

Origin: Taiwan

Size: 30pcs


-Specially selected pineapple protease ingredients to promote keratin renewal metabolism.
-Add 12 kinds of up to 28% ultra-moisturizing essence containing hyaluronic acid, squalane, water collagen, water-soluble ceramide to moisturize and lock water,
-Plump and elastic skin, enhance the skin's protection against environmental damage, and make the skin tender and bright.
-The special shape of the cotton sheet is designed to fit on the face and nose, which doubles the effect of wet compress and reproduces light and tender baby skin.

-Specially designed for soothing acne and enlarged pores skin,
-Strictly selected "mandelic acid" perfect proportion to reconcile pores,
-Gentle deep exfoliation, remove excess oil, tighten pores.