CC Outlet Christmas Sales 聖誕開倉大優惠 2022

一年一度嘅實體開倉又嚟喇!精選Tatcha、Estee Lauder、Fresh、Fenty、SK-II、IPSA等等專櫃品牌產品開倉價低至7折發售,買滿500蚊仲全單再8折,平過上我哋個網買呀,去開紅磡嘅話記得上嚟睇睇,無去開嘅都要專誠過嚟睇下,包你唔會失望!

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Night Time Skincare Routine for all Ladies

Step 1: Makeup Removal Your eye area is host to the most sensitive skin on your face and is also this first area to show aging. Avoid having to scrub...

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Inner Beauty - We are what we EAT!

We are what we EAT! Effects of Clean Eating on our Skin The expression “you are what you eat” may be more accurate than you think. There are many factors...

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雅詩蘭黛Advanced Night Repair Complex II與Advanced Night Repair Reset Concentrate !!

誰應該使用它 雅詩蘭黛 (Estee Lauder)升級再生基因修復精華 對於所有年齡段的所有女性 雅詩蘭黛(Estee Lauder)高級夜間修護深層修復精華 壓力大的肌膚,需要加強修復的精華 如何使用 雅詩蘭黛 (Estee Lauder)升級再生基因修復精華 在清潔的皮膚上搽上升級再生基因修復精華,然後再搽面霜。可早晚用。滴一滴。輕輕塗抹於整個面部和喉嚨。   雅詩蘭黛(Estee Lauder) 升級再生基因速救舒壓精華 頻率:可以加在夜間的日常護膚步驟,可連續使用幾天,在季節變化或更頻繁地出現皮膚不適時連續使用一個星期,視乎皮膚狀況。

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