Fenty Beauty - INVISIMATTE Blotting Powder 8.5g

HK$215.00 HK$278.00

Fenty Beauty

Brand: Fenty Beauty

Origin: USA

Expiry: 2023

Product Description:

The versatile oil control powder can absorb shine and hide pores, allowing you to have delicate makeup anytime, anywhere.

Lets you like Rihanna, keep your perfect makeup without shine all day long. This multi-purpose oil control powder contains the brand's exclusive formula elements, which can hide pores, absorb oil, and create a natural matte skin. With a delicate and oil-free makeup, it is ready to face the camera at any time. Invisimatte translucent powder leaves no traces at all. It is suitable for different skin tones. It will not clump, block pores, create fine lines or ruin makeup. It will make your liquid foundation last longer. The slim Invisimatte powder box is opened and closed with magnetic stickers, which can be attached to its best partner, the Portable Touch Up Brush, so you can easily resist shine at any time. You can face the camera at any time by simply touching up your makeup and then touching up when necessary.

How to Use:

The final step in creating Fenty Face makeup is to apply oil to prevent the skin from glowing and help the makeup to last for a long time. You can also apply the oil before and after applying the liquid foundation like Rihanna, and apply the oil according to your needs while wearing makeup.