[Box-free Discount] Tatcha - The Dewy Skin Cream 50ml (Dry) - Replenishing & Plumping Moisturizer Exp: 2024/04

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[Box-free Discount]
A rich, moisturizing cream that feeds skin with plumping hydration and antioxidant-packed Japanese purple rice for a dewy, healthy glow. Ideal for dry skin. Can be used on combination skin for those who prefer a moisturizer with a richer texture.

Japanese Purple Rice: Purple rice, an ancient precious rice first beloved in Japan, has long been used to celebrate longevity and vitality. It is packed with nutrients and known for its ability to survive any harsh environment. Rich in anthocyanin, a strong antioxidant, helps restore skin and protect against stress and pollution, helping skin look healthier and more balanced.

Okinawa Algae Blend + Hyaluronic Acid: A special blend of Okinawa algae and hyaluronic acid captures water to help restore skin’s natural moisture reservoir, immediately leaving skin feeling soft, comforted, and deeply nourished. It also helps to replenish ceramides to ensure an optimum skin barrier, aiding in the reduction of future moisture loss, for skin that is visibly smooth and plump with hydration.

Botanical Extracts: A blend of botanical extracts and oils from ginseng, wild thyme, and sweet marjoram nourishes and moisturizes skin, enhancing its natural ability to retain and release moisture as needed, and imparts a radiant, dewy glow. 

How long cosmetics are fresh?
A shelf life of cosmetics depends on a period after opening and production date.

Period after opening (PAO). Some cosmetics should be used within a specified period of time after opening due to oxidation and microbiological factors. Their packaging has a drawing of an open jar, inside it, there is a number representing the number of months. In this example, it is 6 months of use after opening.

Production date. Unused cosmetics also lose their freshness and become dry. According to EU law, the manufacturer has to put the expiration date only on cosmetics whose shelf life is less than 30 months. The most common periods of suitability for use from the date of manufacture:

Perfumes with alcohol - about 5 years
Skin care cosmetics - minimum 3 years
Makeup cosmetics - from 3 years (mascara) to more than 5 years (powders)

The shelf life may vary depending on the manufacturer.

CheckFresh.com reads the date of production from the batch code